Occasionally both buyer and seller pay for the commission of an appraisal, however, nine out of ten times the seller requests an appraisal.

The cost varies considerably due to the detail required. So if you are shopping, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

There are several categories of appraisals ranging from an audit which would cost approximately $20,000, to a cursory appraisal using an inexpensive computer program, for $500 to $800.

Our fee is $1500 USD for an appraisal which includes approximately, a 40 page detailed Report. Our appraisals are thorough enough to be defensible in cases of a contested divorce, as well as a court appearance and testimony; and more than adequate for an average assets sale of the majority of chiropractic practices.

Business Appraisers are an unregulated category, so experience in the field as well as lengthy experience as an appraiser of chiropractic practices is of considerable importance.