ldIt made sense to Dr. DaSylva to focus on the goal of starting practice, not the process of getting through school. So, in her 1st quarter at Life University (Atlanta) she became a client and representative of Whitney Transition. During an exit interview 3 years later with Dr.  Whitney, he posed the question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Her reply: “With your job!”

In 1986 Dr. DaSylva launched a solo start up in an affluent area of Atlanta. Her focus was to build a multidiscipline wellness center, with chiropractic as the focal service The target was an asymptomatic market (93% of the population) with interest in high level wellness. The response to the center was robust, exciting, and soon it had expanded to include massage therapists, exercise physiologists, trainers, herbologists and nutritionists. Dr. DaSylva easily integrated her AK, TBM, and clinical nutrition interests into her chiropractic practice environment.

Having successfully realized her practice vision, Dr. DaSylva moved to the next phase of her life plan and became a partner in Whitney Transition. Her passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge is evident in her seminar and personal consulting style. She enjoys working with clients through the myriad details that are unique to “transition”. Persistence and dedication to the tasks at hand have always been a winning combination for Dr. DaSylva. She thrives on sharing the enthusiasm and energy that results from new doctors achieving their goals both personally and professionally.  Her style adds a vitality and feminine viewpoint that is essential in today’s marketplace.

Dr. DaSylva has expanded her teaching and private coaching practice to include internet marketing and start-up companies. She is also the CEO of a performance based research and training company, Performance For Life Method™, with founder Dr. John Downes.

Always excited to find new and different in life experiences and business coolness, asking Lyn what she’s learning about this month is usually a great way to start an interesting conversation!

She enjoys travel, gardening, photography, art, sous cheffing, creativity in all forms, and learning a bit more about…um, well, everything! When she dreams, it is of pursuing the perfect beach and the ultimate tortilla chip & salsa combination.