Appraisals also known as a valuations are often used by DCs when buying or selling a practice. Valuations are typically required for marital divorce situations.

Being in chiropractic for as long as we have been and watching the changing trends associated with getting in and out of practice, we felt that expanding and promoting our valuation services would be a good use of our collective talents.

We have been valuating practices for over 25 years. Since we work primarily in the new practitioner marketplace, valuating practices has been part of what has assisted new graduates at the banks and with financing sellers, to expedite the deal at a fair market value.

Selling a practice is not like selling your old bike.  It’s more like selling your “old” house. There is a lot of work to do before you actually put it on the market… a lot.  And it’s detailed work.

But most chiropractors have a very simplistic view of what’s necessary.  Oh, sure you could just list it and, sort of just hope for the best. But don’t expect to get the big bucks unless you are prepared.  Few DCs understand that the process requires careful planning, and more detail than most seem to think.

In addition to appraising your practice, we would like to show show you how to build more value into it.

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