“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

(Japanese proverb)

We started private coaching and consulting for practitioners about 15 years ago, after being approached by our original student clients who by now had been in practice for several years.

Most had launched successfully but felt they could be doing more…or weren’t sure where to go after their initial goals of starting up successfully had been reached. They were still referencing their original Whitney Transition manuals and wondering if we could offer more.

There’s no denying that we all do better, are better, when we are being watched, guided, coached and held accountable to our goals.  In a consulting relationship with clients, we come into the partnership as experts and guides. We help you clarify your vision and  goals and teach you the skills that empower you to reach them…. whether it be the development of better office systems, implementation and consistency procedures, forecasting, staff training, marketing for growth or maintaining the growth, we assess your needs and assist you in forward movement.

Early in your practice career , there is naturally more consulting than coaching… lots of I’s to dot and T’s to cross.  Later in practice, there is more coaching.

What’s the difference between consulting and coaching?

We like this simplistic analogy.

A consultant will explain why one bike is superior to another, teach you how to ride the bike, and if necessary, ride the bike for you.

A coach will help you understand how and why you ride a bicycle, help you to determine what’s holding you back from riding properly, and jog along next to you as YOU ride.

What’s best for you is based on your needs as well as your stage in practice.

Typically, we find ourselves working  in “hybrid” mode, as a coach-consultants. This allows you the best of both worlds: advice and expertise when you need it, motivation and brainstorming when you’re stuck, and a mirror for your personal development that will be expressed in your overall happiness factor as well as your practice growth and stability.

Coaching for us is far from a  “one-size-fits- all” endeavor.  We help you clarify YOUR vision of a balanced life-practice relationship and work with you to live that daily…not as a destination.

Most chiropractors who seek out a coach-consultant want more or something different, and are typically aware that they must make shifts in their personal and professional lives in order to get what they want. These changes can take time and effort. But by investing in yourself and understanding what it takes to create the life you want, you will re-orient yourself around your core values and establish the boundaries and relationships that support you personally and in practice.  You will increase your energy and well-being.  You will eliminate “tolerations”  and deal head on with tendencies toward procrastination. Your life and practice will get simpler, easier and less stressful. Your practice will grow. You will be free to experience the passion that atracted you to chiropractic in the first place.

Choosing a coach carefully is important.  Always “interview”, and see if the fit is there for you and for the coach. A good coach will guide you both through that process.

Please call us if you are considering a coach… we’ll talk for a bit ( no charge to you) to see if that fit is there. If it isn’t, we will give you some input on where we think you might find it.