What do you do when despite having perfect procedures and using every marketing approach you still cannot seem to create your ideal practice? You have to look within. This is not an easy or comfortable process. Procedure and marketing are easy. Accountability to one’s self is not.I believe it is impossible to gain any significant insight into what is holding you back with out the guidance and perserverance of an exceptional coach. Lyn is that coach. Having listened to most of the top chiropractic coachs, I can safely say that every other coach focuses on the same old external “chimpanzee” practice management techniques. Where these approaches are of some value in growing your practice, they are nowhere near as powerful as growing yourself while growing your practice. The work I have done with Lyn is propelling me to new found heights.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

About 12 years ago I  was in my second year at Palmer. It was a very scary thought that in a short time I would be “out there”. It was this fear and all of the unknowns that motivated me to join Whitney Transition.  Their claim was that they were a transition company and they would teach me all of the business “stuff” I would need to get into practice.  This is what I felt I needed and I received all of that and more. I never expected that having that experience would be impressive to the doctor I worked with as an Independent Contractor or lay such an amazing foundation and coaching relationship in the years to come.

As a single female chiropractor dreaming of the life I would live, the family I would someday have and the practice I would build all seemed so far away.  I engaged Lyn as a private consultant when I started feeling more grounded in my practice and together we worked on clarifying the dream, putting a time line to it and outlining the skills I would need to be a director of a clinic, a full time practitioner of my dream practice, a wife and mother.

Today, with Lyn as an integral part of my team, I manage a team of 13 including staff and doctors, in a beautiful office I own and designed. She knows our practice inside and out and there is not an area or decision she is not willing to assist in. I am delighted to report that in the past years, that even included planning the time off for my wedding and then assisting with my locums through my maternity leave.

My business skills have found a home as the director of this incredible clinic as well as an editor of unique monthly publication, which allows me to reach out to and educate the market I am passionate about.

My immense gratitude for my life and practice extends back to the decision I made that second year in chiropractic college and in reflection, the best way I know how to “pay it forward” is to continue to recommend and encourage anyone who wishes to excel in practice to talk with Lyn and/or John.

Dr. Kelly Norman

Working with Lyn for the last several years  has not only changed my practice, but has changed my life.  She has guided me in growing my practice in the direction that I was passionate about, which is prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, while maintaining a balance of life and work.

I was hesitant to start consulting because the money was tight and I felt like I knew what I should be doing. It just wasn’t coming together as I had planned. But after talking with Lyn and feeling good about her initial impressions about the areas of my practice that were holding me back… I was in.

To put it in perspective, when I started working with Lyn, I was living with a family in a small one-bedroom suite.  The first thing Lyn did was to help me get my life goals in order to begin seeing practice as an amazing means to achieving them. We then worked on the internal structure and the changes required to support my practice goals and direction.  Steadily things changed.

Instead of being a renter, I bought a house, created stability in my life and have now added “gotten married” to my life list of achievements that I had only dreamed of a few years ago.

Through all of these life changes, my practice has continued to grow and provide an ongoing purpose and  passion for me in chiropractic and the financial means to fulfill my needs and desires.  I have developed the profile in my community I wanted and use my weekly radio show to educate and introduce a variety of health based topics, local businesses and services to a listening audience.

Making big decisions (and small ones too) for my business has become easier over the years with the guidance and strategies Lyn has taught me. But it is also less stressful because I know that she is always watching with a much appreciated “ outside the trenches” perspective .

In speaking about decisions, there are the day to day ones, and the ones you make today hoping will positively influence the tomorrows. Then there are the ones that you don’t want to make that can significantly shift your world.

When my Mom was sick and dying of cancer, I called Lyn to share what events transpired that day and her immediate response was, “Get on a plane this afternoon and go to her.  She and your Dad need you there.  You will be worthless at the office anyway because you will be thinking about your mom.”

I didn’t even think, I just trusted her instincts and left right away.  My mom passed away within 24 hours of my arrival.  It was such a blessing to be there, for my Mom, my Dad and myself.  I am forever grateful for the advice and decision that was made that day. I consider it a perfect example of the life and work balance that is created when working with a coach you trust, like I trust Lyn.

One of the ways that trust has been earned is that she brings clarity to issues and reworks problems in such a way that the decisions I want to make become apparent to me.  It is not cookie cutter and it is not me taking directions.  It is a very dynamic relationship that has grown more valuable with less actual consulting and coaching over the years. It is a weekly accountability call wrapped in mutual respect.

I remain a grateful client.
Dr. Anna Bender