Patient Media

We love all of Bill Estebs products… most importantly using them as directed gives you the congruency you need for your patient education and his Monday Morning Motivation helps start your week off on the right foot.

The Cash Practice

Miles Bodzin has an offering of products founded on strong chiropractic principles to help you visualize, structure and manage the cash practice you have dreamed of.

Inyerface (BOOM! Media)

Mitch Proulx has created an easy “simplesite” interface for you to customize your web presence without a cookie-cutter approach. Use their expertise in working with chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths to name a few, to assist you in creating a cost affordable package that showcases your clinic and services.

Soul Biographies

Nic Askew is an incredibly talented videographer, storyteller and musician ( also loves chiropractic!) We love his work and share some of it with you on our PDI channel.


We have been waiting 115 years for the instrument that shows us exactly what we are doing, physiologically and neurologically, before and after we have done it.  This is the only instrument in existence capable of doing that: (measures EEG, Hand Temperature, Skin Conductance (GSR), sEMG, Respiration, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability)

Chiropractic Awareness Council

 The Chiropractic Awareness Council of Ontario exists to increase public awareness of Chiropractic Life Principles and the multitude of health benefits associated with experiencing Chiropractic care provided in a Principle-Centered, Neurologically-based Wellness Model; members are world-wide.

Concentro Labs

Neuropathy Patient Marketing System. Dr. JoeDiDuro has built a successful marketing program targeting diabetic neuropathy. With the rapid rise in diabetes 2, there has been parallel need to deal with patients who have developed diabetic neuropathy. Some chiropractors recognize this as an ascending market.

Sigma Instrument Methods (formerly ProAdjuster)

Sigma Instrument Methods  has acquired what was once known as ProAdjuster Whereas the original company was dissolved due to internal problems, the technology remains very much sound and valid. Sigma Instrument Methods announces the new training and support program to assist abandoned ProAdjuster owners.

Self-Health System

Very educational; a neurosurgeon who acts like a chiropractor, hates Big Pharma, who often offers a mystical/spiritual perspective to health and disease. Lots of good nutritional info, well supported.

Chiropractic News

Planet Chiropractic is an “institution” with a very balanced perspective, practices for sale, Chiropractic employment, clinical equipment, tons of information and chiropractic news.

Todd Brown

Marketing advisor with some good ideas and programs, more of a musculoskeletal bent than holistic. High quality materials.


A Chillibreeze website that offers managed writing services, proofreading, light editing and substantive editing, plain english editing, express editing, PowerPoint formatting.

Who’s Blogging What

Of course you are advised to retire your buggy-whip, and get with it. Not having a blog directed at your patients of record is to neglect basic chiropractic marketing. Get some ideas from successful bloggers.


If you’ve never had a computer crash with massive loss of data, you have not really witnessed high anxiety. This is a very inexpensive, reliable and easy to use system that will save your bacon by backing up your computer and make it easy to recover your stuff, quick as a wink. The back up happens all the time in the background.  Awesome tool.

Global MindShift

This very informative site presents well documented parallax views of politics, science, media reporting, foreign policy, psychology and everything thing else of interest. Gotta have.

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Body-Mind-Spirit as I believe was originally intended, served-up by experts who “think-differently”, yet dovetails with chiropractic graduates from National to Life. Offers a foundation for a thinking-unity we could all embrace; heavy focus on  spirituality with ample backing and support from science.

The Shift Network

Aims to empower a global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of sustainability, peace, health, and prosperity.

iMotion Video

iMotion Video produces several types of promotional videos depending on what you’re looking for, with professionalism that will make you look like Steven Spielberg, for $80. mo. You won’t believe this until you go there. The industry predicts that 85% of all marketing will be video based, within two years. Be an early-adapter.


The technology will stun you; if everything is going to visual images, as far as promotion is concerned, I suggest you have a look at one of the most incredible resources at your fingertips. Put away your overheads forever.

The Behavioral Medicine Report

Comprehensive reporting on the latest research on neuroplasticity and what we can do to impact the nervous system.


The daily buzz on nutrition, peak performance, longevity & anti-aging, optimal health, technologies and much more. If it’s important and good for you, it’s here.


I have found nothing more intellectually and spiritually refined, to raise ones consciousness on a regular basis. If you’d like to dry-clean your head on a regular basis and engage in a steady stream of uplifting content, look no further.