Hi Dr. Whitney,

It has been only 2 short years since graduation and I wanted to share with you my success, which I attribute most to the guidance of your wonderful program.  When I began Whitney Transitions in my first year at CMCC I knew I wanted to be a successful chiropractor but I faced a major problem – I didn’t know how!

What is remarkable is that your program taught me how to be a successful chiropractor.  I now have the practice of my dreams.  But your program taught me more that that.  It also taught me how to reach personal fulfillment in all aspects of my life.

In a concrete way, your program spelled out how to create and manage the day to day operations of a successful clinic.  You taught me how to be “brilliant at the basics” and to “not try to eat an elephant in one meal”.  Moreover, the program’s focus on short and long term goal setting taught me the key to my happiness – setting a goal, charting a course and then following through.  It is really quite simple if you think of it but what a powerful tool it has been.

I look forward to the years ahead when even more of my dreams of today become the realities of tomorrow.  For this I am certain.

Brian D

Invaluable. Without question, this would be the one word to describe my experience with Dr. John Whitney.

I was first introduced to Dr. Whitney in year one of Chiropractic College, when I enrolled in his Whitney Transition Course.  My intention was to learn all I could regarding the business aspect of practice in order to become fully prepared to begin practicing successfully.  Not only did the course exceed my expectations, but little did I realize that eleven years later Dr. Whitney would continue to be an invaluable resource and a continual source of support, a true mentor.

Over the years, Dr. Whitney’s insight and advice has helped guide my practice decisions in the right direction.  This year in particular, as I ventured toward a new practice opportunity, he has had a significant impact.  Over the past six months, Dr. Whitney has followed me closely through this process.  He has been there to advise and support every step of the way.  He ensured that all bases were covered and often times has helped me avoid costly errors in decision. Always a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Dr. Whitney’s, “tell it like it is”, approach, mixed with mild humour, was often exactly what I needed to hear.  He was always prompt in replying to my queries and concerns, and trust me, there were a lot of them! Yet, throughout this process he remained patient, supportive and available.  I believe that this process would not have gone as smoothly as it has without Dr. Whitney’s assistance.  I have felt that Dr. Whitney has truly had my best interest in mind.  As such, I not only consider him a mentor, but now also a friend.

To be connected with Dr. John Whitney ensures you success.  Whether it be through his practice management course, his guidance in purchasing a practice or venturing in other practice opportunities, you can trust that your experience with him will be invaluable.

Thank you Dr. Whitney.

Laura L

As a past client of Whitney Transition and grateful for it, I just wanted to say thanks to John for all of his wisdom and insights into the complex and simple world of practice. Please pass on my thanks and let him know success is acheiveable regardless of practice style or philosophy using his advice and guideance. After almost seven years from a scratch start, I have acheived what I wanted and more.  All the best. Stephen

Thank you!

Hello Dr. Whitney,

It has been a while since I have written to you, I have since moved back to my home town and set up practice here (myself and one of my class mates).

The decision was a tough one, but I feel it was the best.  The reason for this e-mail however, is not for advice (however I’m always open for any!), but to Thank-you and Lynn for all that you have done and continue to do for students.

In first year $1500 seemed like an outrageous amount to spend on this “Whitney” character, I realize now that the information you teach, and the books you put together are nothing short of “bibles”.  I would have been one of those students that would have graduated and worked for someone else.  I see many of my classmates that did just that, and they are unhappy, actually it is just as you put it doing all the “dirty work”.

I read everyone of the books cover to cover, I did up my business plan and EVERY bank I gave it to asked me if I was a business student!  I now live in small town in Newfoundland, not sure if you are familiar with NFLD, we may be friendly, but behind the times is one way to describe us!  I had no problem getting money.  The business plan covered everything!

The other story I wanted to tell you is about our sign.  Here we are our business is open and the patients are not lined up at the door!  So we decide to get our selves a sign, we put it up on main street (the one street that everyone drives on at least once a day).  I suggested that we put the sign up on an angle, but no one would go for it, so we put it up straight.

NOTHING.  2 weeks go by, still nothing!  No one has even seen the damn thing!  So out we go, we tilted the sign.  The NEXT morning the entire town was talking about us.  I went to the local “Tim Horton’s” and people were stopping me asking if our sign fell, or if I had a bad eye….never the less EVERYONE knew about us.  I was amazed, even more so my father thought that I had just come up with some life altering idea!  Thank- you.

I could go on and on, but I think you under stand what I’m trying to say,


Hello John and Lyn,

Greetings from Stratford Ontario.  It’s been way too long since we last spoke.  I hope things are going well for you both.  I hear that you are very busy.

Things are going well in Stratford.  We just had our busiest month ever which was very exciting considering we had so much on the go.  our CA was having some difficulty understanding our view of chiropractic and was very reluctant to change her old ways of thinking.  Not only was this causing frustration for us both, but she often shared her opinions with patients.  So, we let her go and have been busy with the hiring process.  It’s simply amazing to see for a second time how well your hiring protocol works.  One ad in the paper, 70 applicants, a few group interviews, a few personal interviews, 3 people in for a try-out in the office, and one great new staff.

Once again, the carnations were a huge hit.  It’s also a nice benefit to get a few new patients from the interview process.

What even excites me more is to see how changing the energy in the office has such a huge effect on our numbers.  We saw 260 patients last week and we have the big home show coming up this weekend.  We will be breaking the 300 barrier in no time!

I look forward to seeing you both soon.  If there is ever anything I can help you with let me know.  I will be doing a talk at CMCC  and sharing my start up experience with the students.  There will be no way anyone will be able to leave without knowing the profound impact you both had on me and Tanya.

We owe you so much.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.

Life’s a blast.

Take care,

To the future pupils of Dr. Whitney,

BJ once wrote:

“ It is the path of least resistance that cause rivers and men to bend “

There are many choices that alter ones life forever. Choosing to become a chiropractor is one of the greatest choices. Few professions offer such an opportunity at a great life. Chiropractic has given me the opportunity to enjoy a life that includes an understanding of health, financial security, daily fulfillment, personal satisfaction, and a philosophy of not just health, but life, which have enhanced my relationships and individual growth. After 12 years of practice I have watched many others come and go in chiropractic. Many could not make it financially and moved on to other careers. Others have made it financially but have so compromised their spirit that their relationships and fulfillment are so out of balance that they can do nothing but complain of life. Others struggle along in chiropractic limbo with small episodes of success overshadowed by tremendous struggles.

As I look back it has been clear to me that choosing chiropractic as a career only offers the chance of a wonderful life.

Success in chiropractic requires much more than just this choice. I am saddened by the large numbers of friends and colleagues that I have watched meet with tremendous hardship, mediocrity, and unfulfilled destinies.

The choice to join Dr.Whitneys program was one of those that altered my life forever. I joined Dr. Whitney’s program in my first trimester and attended regular seminars throughout my time at Palmer. I did not always agree with Dr. Whitney advice, but trusted enough to follow the instructions of his guidance. Even now I continue to realize the wisdom of his advice.

The road to unlimited success is filled with decisions and many of those occur before graduation. I am certain that having Dr. Whitney as a mentor provided a foundation for all my success. There is no way I could ever thank a man that is responsible for the abundance of fulfillment I enjoy in every aspect of my life, but perhaps helping someone else to make the decision to choose the Whitney Program can help to serve that purpose. Our profession has unlimited potential for the human race and we need great chiropractors. I hope you choose the Whitney program and one day have the opportunity to look back as I do upon that decision and the life that follows with tremendous gratitude.

Philip Arnone DC

Dear Lyn and John,

I know that Heather e-mailed you guys to let you know how we are doing.  I felt compelled to write personally!

I am doing very well in practice so far.  I am booked solid 24 hrs. per week and patients are paying cash up front, which has been exciting.  Suffice it to say that my practice is off to a really good start.

I want to thank both of you for all that you have done.  I am putting into practice all of your advice and teachings and it is working like a charm.  I read your books on a daily basis to help guide my activities.  You guys are awesome!  If there is ever anything that Heather or I can do for you or Whitney Transition please let us know.

Thanks again,

Dr. Whitney,

Thank you so much to your response to my evaluation. I am thouroughly pleased with the program and would recommend it to any and all chiropractic students. You have helped me to see the big picture and to start setting goals for my future practice. Without the Whitney Transitions program I would have waited too long to begin preparing for practice and this would have compromised my potential for success.

With gratitude,

I was thinking of you in the shower!

I thought I’d get your attention!

With a wife and a young daughter, the shower can be an effective sound barrier to the goings on of a busy household – as such the shower can be a place for reflection.  It dawned on me that I am so grateful for so many things, not the least of which is the good start I had with Whitney Transition.  So, this is a quick thank you for having founded it and for showing such dedication to seeing it through at Palmer despite less than an enthusiastic response (this time around).

I had my first anniversary in practice last month and Ive had the chance to look around at my colleagues who are woefully unprepared for practice.  I know how difficult it has been for me – I cant imagine how tough it is for them.  Ive also been exposed to some of the other coaching programs available.  WT, you and Lyn, are the bomb.

Thanks for doing it.