Practice Development Institute (PDI) is a specialized training company that focuses exclusively on the needs of chiropractic students and untrained practitioners. Our program is designed to fill the gap between academia and practice management. Once you have graduated you have the clinical “smarts” you require academically and technically, but business-“smarts” are too often lacking. You don’t have the skills you need to get into a profitable practice opportunity and run it efficiently.

For this reason, many students think of applying for associate positions to overcome their lack of practical knowledge. Most associates are very disappointed and disillusioned to find out that they rarely learned what they hoped for.

We fill this gap. We are a transition company.

Our training prepares the student or the new doctor for all those critical decisions required of them, such as choosing where to practice. We teach you about all of your options and most importantly how to evaluate them: solo start-up (the most dangerous), Independent Contractor (the most practical), associate (typically the least desirable ), partnership (many pitfalls) and buying a practice (exciting possibilities).

In addition we train you in the very real matters of financing, business structure, patient procedures, office procedure, office design, staff selection, leases, communication skills, cash and insurance practices, business management and marketing and a whole lot more.

Our program is designed to help you avoid the pitfalls while accelerating you to the higher level of success that comes with having the training you need when you need it. Our clients build solid, successful practices based on unshakable and enduring principles of business management, modern concepts of neurologically based chiropractic, wellness, holism, and psychoneuroimmunology. Our aim is to get you to a low-stress, cash based, ethically driven chiropractic practice that truly satisfies you and provides you with a generous income.

Our clients move up the ladder quickly and confidently because they have been taught the enduring realities of beginning, building and maintaining a successful practice. Our training methods allow us to perform an extremely valuable service – in most cases, it is a crucial service, for students and new graduates at a very moderate price.

PDI delivers real-time professional, interactive training from a catalog of over 50 hours of comprehensive material tailored specifically to the needs of a chiropractic student and recent graduate. We specialize in ensuring you know everything that is essential for beginning a successful practice before you graduate.

The business, the patient, and the practice management modules are covered in detail. This critical information and material was at one time only delivered in costly live seminars. Now, it can be accessed in numerous ways. We are delighted to offer you options based on your time and budget.

Our information-packed sixty to ninety minute teleseminars offer you access to all material with unlimited e-mailing privileges related to the program material. The material is delivered in live teleconference / lecture format. Interactivity is encouraged in reference to clarifying material-related questions and answers. This service presents the most flexible options of times and review as a fantastic opportunity for you to take plenty of time to assimilate and integrate all the “smarts” you need to prepare for YOUR FUTURE! Dates and times are pre-scheduled and may be offered at various times per month. Call or email us for current details.

Private Student Coaching

Occasionally, a student will have unique needs or a limited time frame to accumulate the information required to start up, purchase or commit to a practice opportunity. This is a most crucial time for private coaching! Private coaching is an excellent option where the student is trained in precisely in what is needed based on their specific situation. We become your private information resource center.

There are so many details and individual needs that will arise and need to be addressed. You will have the information from the teleclasses. But assistance may be required regarding implementation or individual attention to your unique situation. We are available to you. This is especially important when signing a contract or buying a practice.

When consulting with you, we help you set realistic goals, drawing out from you what it is you really seek. We don’t tell you what you want! We scrutinize all of your demographics, practice opportunities, leases, contracts, practice valuations, purchases and office designs. We can advise you on financing, overview your business plans, bank proposals, advise you on negotiations – we do it all! Whatever it takes, whatever challenges you face entering practice, we will be a vital assistant in ensuring you meet your goals. We are your coach. Contact us with your specific situation and we will customize in-depth coaching and training sessions just for you.