This is a sampling of what we teach in our trainings.

Success in Chiropractic YES! We all want success…. But what does that look like for YOU?  There is no one way to quantify success but there are similarities in “successful” practices. Learn what they are and what it takes to create success.

Choosing Your Location WHERE to practice and how to go about determining if an opportunity exists will eventually become THE number one question in your mind. So in advance, we tackle how soon you should start looking and how you go about doing it.

Practice Options Yes options, even though you don’t have any money.  Well, what are the ways to get into practice… what will work BEST for you, short, mid and long range? How to find, assess and close the deals along with all of the details that are associated with each of the following options:

  • Associateship
  • Independent Contactor
  • Purchasing a Practice
  • Solo Start Up

Communication How to say everything better, to everyone… verbally and non-verbally.  Experience using NLP and other communication tools in your life and practice.

Head Drycleaning Your transition from student to doctor, employee to employer, from school to real world… lots of change that comes very fast. It can be a little overwhelming. We’ll talk.

Consultations What makes for “the best” consultations ever? Hint… it’s not necessarily what you say.

Evaluations and Exams What is the difference between them, and what communication strategies are most effective during them.  How to perceive the encounters from a patients point of view.

Report Of Findings This should not be high stress or high pressure for Dr. or patient. It is not about sales … it is a wrap up of your exemplary procedures to this point and reporting of your findings, with options. We will teach you all aspects of it including your written report options.* a nod here to Bill Estebs terrific, patient education products

CA report/ Financials Talking money can be uncomfortable for some. Reports, financial options, cash practices*…. We go over everything EXCEPT how to file insurance and your insurance issues as there are myriad variations depending on your location. We do cover in house collections vs outsourcing, electronic billing options and managed care (conceptually.) * a nod here for Dr. Miles Bodzin and his awesome Cash Practice Solutions.

First Adjustment How to set the stage for positive expectancy for this and future adjustments.

Regular Office Visits How to do what you do for maximum efficiency in a way that fosters your practice goals, and creates satisfied patients that understand your brand of chiropractic. Time management and recommendations are discussed.

Progress Checks What makes each progress check unique and why they are key to your practice growth and success.  Progress checks are an often overlooked and under utilized strategy for patient education, practice stability and growth.

Wellness A “wellness” practice means different things to different people. There are many options for implementation. Deciding on what fits your model is key. We offer concepts and solutions for your wellness programs.

Appointment Book Boring and yet sooo important. Learn all of the ways to set your book up for your practice style and goals.  Then train your staff in the ways that are most efficient.  Don’t just assume that it is a matter of writing names in slots.. it’s not.

Front Desk Management If you don’t understand all the jobs, running your practice entails, you can’t train others. Learning to run an awesome front desk is not rocket science. Actually doing it is another story. The good news is you just have to learn how to run it, then hire the right and perfect person and train them to do it well. Routine strategies, such as daily huddles, weekly and quarterly  meetings and their agendas are outlined.

Hiring It’s complicated, but when you get it right you will reap the rewards for a long time.  Hiring the right person for the right job and keeping them motivated and satisfied, is the goal.  So we detail the hiring and selection process as well as strategies for training, yearly reviews and for firing if necessary.

Office Design Your office shouldn’t look like it can be packed up and loaded into the back of a pickup truck in 30 minutes… but it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Learn how to create good design that speaks to your patient demographic and create a healing ambiance that fits your practice style and budget.

Color Voodoo If your staff wears uniforms, what color? Does it matter?  Yes! Color evokes a psychological as well as a physiological response.  Important to know when applying paint choices, or designing your office, or creating a colored logo.

Briefing Board How will you keep it all together and organized?  Why not emulate the way todays top consultants teach their clients.  These techniques can save hours of meeting time, facilitate problem solving, expedite implementation of decisions, and improve communication while making the process fun.

Personal Financials Getting your act together BEFORE you start making money is a smart idea. Learn how to hire and utilize financial planners and other professionals for the best results. Assembling your team at the front end will help you bracket your target and stay on track.

A Lease You may or may not need the details of what a lease commitment involves. It’s not just a matter of signing what is in front of you.  Learn what to look for and how to navigate this juncture cost effectively.

Public Relations Your image. How to create it and how to get it out there. What is the difference between PR and Marketing? Which do you need? How much should it cost?

Marketing Each practice is different when it comes to marketing but make no mistake, it is crucial.  Will you need external or internal marketing focus or a mixture of both? You will learn how to determine and execute a marketing plan that fits your practice and budget.  Here is a partial list of the types of marketing that you will learn about.

  • Office procedures
  • Referrals
  • Thematic marketing
  • Marketing to files
  • Staff incentives
  • Birthday letters
  • Healthcare classes
  • Office design
  • Digital Media for in-house use
  • Referral rewards programs
  • Testimonials
  • Vertical marketing
  • Meet the merchants
  • Meet the neighbors
  • New residents letters/campaigns
  • Yellow pages
  • Direct mail
  • Screenings
  • Community talks
  • Print advertising
  • Patient Appreciation Day
  • Discover Chiropractic Day
  • Networking groups
  • Practice brochures
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Signage
  • Identity package
  • Radio
  • TV