It started over 50 years ago… being a seminar junkie his entire chiropractic career and a lifelong learner, Dr. John Whitney’s passion has always been to make a difference in the chiropractic profession.

And he has.

As one of the original brown baggers, Jim Parker was Johns mentor early in his career. John never forgot the relief he felt with solid guidance and smarts to begin to build his successful practice.

Over 30 years ago, he created TACTICS, a Canadian-based practice management company. During that era, in addition to many successful chiropreneurs, he attracted new chiropractors who were desperately looking for guidance to stabilize their flailing practices and a mentor who could help them grow. Whereas he was capable and willing to help, that need turned his thoughts and focus to the unheard of… why not train chiropractors BEFORE they get into practice….as students.

That seemed like a reasonable and easy task, yet oddly was met with an enormous amount of resistance from the schools. Even though the schools did not and still do not arm students with the business and marketing savvy they will need to compete successfully in the market when they graduate, they really didn’t and don’t want anyone else to do it either!

That hasn’t ever stopped John. For years, he practiced Monday through Thursday, and flew to hold seminars wherever there was a chiropractic college Fridays through Sundays. These days, he plays and types and writes and thinks of more ways to add value to the profession.

His unique brand of training, which has always been an amazing combination of Heart, Soul, and Business Smarts has provided thousands and thousands of students with the opportunity to hit the ground running. It has spawned new leaders and practice management gurus in the profession and continues to make a difference.

We invite you, regardless of your status… student, new graduate or seasoned practitioner to look through our offerings and see if this training, coaching or consulting might fit your needs.

Please contact us directly. Even though we are moving to higher tech ( because we can) we are very much “hands on”…. it’s what fits our roots!