Practice Development Institute (PDI) is the recent evolution of Whitney Transition and ChiroBizWizdom – programs dedicated to the success of the chiropractic student and practitioner.

While Whitney Transition and ChiroBizWizdom have enjoyed international success and have assisted more than 5000 students into practice, we felt that it was time to expand the options we can offer.

For various reasons, established doctors and recent graduates are becoming increasingly aware that collaborating in some form, in one practice, makes a lot of sense for both of them. The biggest barrier to this sound and logical idea is that new doctors do not know how to market, run and manage a practice successfully, and practitioners in the field don’t know how to train for the “start-up” phase or more commonly don’t wish to go through the disruption and learning curve associated with bringing an untrained “newbie” into the practice.

During the Whitney Transition Seminar era we used to write letters to the “host” docs or to the selling docs and bankers, assuring them of our clients unique status. Having been trained in every aspect of practice management, patient management and marketing made them an asset to a practice irrespective of their newly graduated status. Many of those host doctors have called us to thank us for the training, and as you can read in the testimonials, our clients appreciated and financially benefitted from having their learning curve reduced by a measure of 3-5 years.

As you know, “everything” is now available online, in webinars and teleseminars. It is now practical for us to train and certify new grads to a host doctor or a bank, that our client has indeed been trained in the concepts and practicalities of being in practice. Whether it be marketing, communication or staff training… our clients gain street smarts and training in the concepts, strategies and tactics that are foundational to all successful chiroractic practices. Our clients are ready and well prepared to hit the ground running and build a practice, buy a practice or collaborate with a seasoned practitioner as an equal.